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Specializing in hard to find & common sizes of steel, stainless, alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze & more

Important Information on how to describe materials accurately:

Please state material type -
  • – Steel
  • – Stainless
  • – Aluminum
  • – Alloy
  • – Brass
  • – Bronze
  • -or any other material

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Fleischer Tube Distributors Corp., Inc.
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How to Describe Your Material Accurately

Round Tubing – Outside diameter, wall thickness and length

Square & Rectangular Tubing – Outside Dimensions - Flat to Flat, Wall Thickness And Length.

Pipe – Outside Diameter & Wall Thickness Or Common Size.
For Example, 3"Schedule 40 Pipe Size (3.5 O.D X .216 Wall)

Bollards – measured like pipe or round tubing.
For Example, 8" Schedule 40 (8.655" O.D. X .322" Wall), Bollard Size

Solid Rounds – State Diameter Accurately and Length.

Solid Flat and Square Bars – Thickness And Width Of Cross Section Flat to Flat.

Hex Bar Stock – measured flat to flat.

Sheet Metal – decimal micrometer reading or gauge thickness

Angles –Length Of Both Flanges Separately And Thickness Of Material Plus Length.

Channels – Width across back, height of flanges and thickness of web(Material between flanges).

I-Beams (S-Beams) – Height (Weight Per Foot If Known), Width, Thickness of Web, And Length.

Wide Flange Beams (W-Beams) – Size (Weight Per Foot If Known), Height, Width, Thickness of Flange, And Web Thickness, And Length.

Reinforcing Rod(Steel, Stainless Steel, Epoxy Coated) - Outside Diameter Or # of rebar (Example # 4 = ½" Diameter) Etc., And Length.

Perforated Sheet – Thickness Of Material And Diameter Or Dimensions Of Holes Staggered Or Straight Holes, Size Of Sheet.

Expanded Metal, Slash Grading, Raised Or Flattened – Thickness Of Material, Or Lbs Per Square Foot, Dimensions of Openings Top To Bottom, Center to Center.

Woven Wire – Diameter Of Wire Spacing Of The Opening And Any Other Details Necessary.

Metric Sizes – same descriptions as above materials using millimeter dimensions that apply over fractional or decimal dimensions of common domestic sizes.

Bar Grating Or Subway Grating – Thickness And Width Of Flat Bar, Final Dimensions And Materials.

Grip Strut – State Width, Height, Type Of Material, Surface Texture, And Length.